There are multiple pre-identified & pre-diagnosed training needs to be addressed in any organization. Any investment put into training your team(s) always result into enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s productivity.

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Unlike providing you a solution based on our problem identifications or diagnostic tools and expect you to implement it, we handhold while executing the solution until you get a little more familiar with the new approach because we understand it's "easier said than done."

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Answers to all your problems lie within you. Our coaches help you figure it out "for yourself-by yourself." We provide extraordinary and highly experienced coaches to help you discover the path and make it easier for you to follow it.

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Bring a unique energy to your seminars & events, and with our exclusive kick-start programs. In just a few minutes, we set the tone of the event at a crescendo and provide your participants an experience out of the ordinary.

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Creative Heads is the channel partner of Wisnes OD in delivering business simulation games for management and leadership development in the Indian marketplace.

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W. Edwards Deming once said, ”Without data you are just another person with an opinion.” We offer some of the key diagnostic tools for your organizational growth.

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We use a range of assessment products and instruments to improve team performance, develop leaders, resolve conflict and build effective interpersonal relationships at work.

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“The ‘Music Conductor’ is the only musician in an orchestra who doesn’t play any instrument but his role is to empower others to contribute to the overall melody, while playing their individuals parts.”

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Our Clients

  • Airtel
  • Sony
  • Pluss
  • SHRM
  • VDIS
  • US AID
  • Pravah NGO
  • St. Pauls School
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  • WSUP


“Thanks Hemanth.. It was wonderful time with you. Appreciate all your efforts. I m really enjoying your coaching. I wanted to have this in multiple ways and long terms to help me and valco melton.

I have been applying everything, results are tremendous.”

Managing Director, South Asia & UAE, Valco Melton

"In almost three decades of my career, I have travelled many countries and have seen many team-effectiveness programs, but somehow it was absolutely remarkable to see such high quality training for transforming teams existing in our country.”

Akhilesh Gautam
Country Director, WSUP - Project USAID

Hemant is a very positive person, and he takes every negative point in a positive manner and that’s why I feel so much of positivity from him, and I feel very great.

The purpose of the program was motivational, to know yourself.
We must look at it as a opportunity to learn collectively and grow. And we have Hemant, who is fantastic guy, can guide us through many things, we know many things as well, but always looking for someone who could guide us. This was to take break from our routine work and reflect and re-examine our course, and Hemant was just the best facilitator and coach throughout our change process.”

Indra Parekh
Managing Director & CEO, SRI GROUP

“We had Creative Heads join us at a Nexant team-building event. They used music as a tool to facilitate and motivate team-effectiveness. The tool and process left the team energized and craving for more. Creative Heads is a very positive, talented, motivated and dedicated team of professionals that wants to make a difference in the lives of people and organizations. Creative Heads tools, methods and processes have my strong recommendation.”

Vasudha Lathey
Clean Energy & Sustainability Expert, PhD, CEM, LEED-AP

“Hemant worked with VDIS in the capacity of a Project and Performance management consultant a couple of years back. Hemant's intervention was to identify the developmental and process related gaps in the workings of our project management team. He did so by leading two of our projects for 3-4 months each. In doing so, Hemant set up systems and processes that made management of our projects more qualitative and less time consuming, which meant that each project manager was able to manage multiple projects at one time without getting psyched out! Hemant's final intervention was to monitor and evaluate the performance of the work done by the project managers. This I felt, was the trickiest and the most thankless part of his work with us, and given that Hemant was able to switch between the 'hard taskmaster' and the 'egging-on coach' with great ease, his work bore very impactful results for us.

I wish Hemant the best in his future endeavours, and hope that like VDIS, he is able to create 'positive dents' in each and every organisation Hemant works with.”

Kapil Pandey
Founder, VDIS, a unit of Visions DIS Pvt. Ltd

“Have known Hemant for over a decade in different capacities. A self driven and self made person, Hemant has excelled in whatever he set out for. A sensitive and unassuming person, he blends well with everyone; as a trainer - this enables him to carefully attune to the various group dynamics. He is able to successfully facilitate the group’s emotions, taking their skepticism and translating it into what it really is. In a recent group exercise with his positive approach and skillful facilitation he succeeded in re-energising, connecting and transforming the group into an united high performance team for the group activities.”

Samit Jain
Director, Pluss Advance Polymers Pvt. Ltd

“I have found Creative Heads interventions directly linked to Business and highly effective in aligning team members to our ‘Strategic Goal.’ They really added value in creating escape velocity among team members. The MBTI and Projects/Operational Workshops brought in a greater sense of Project Management Skills.”

CA Vinod Pandey
Managing Partner, Singh Pandey & Associates

“Hemant is a very creative and caring soul. it is a joy to have him at our side in workshops as the energy he brings is lively and pure. He knows his subject and embodies it in the most elegant way.”

Marc Avanzo
Executive Coach

“Hemant has natural talent in music and various creative works. He is a very spontaneous person who always comes up with fresh ideas and problem solutions. Hemant has shown lots of experience in various projects in his communities, embracing his diverse skills in teamwork, management and communication. He has a courageous spirit and I surely wish him all the best for his future endeavor.”

Patricia Wormington
Director and Clinical/Neurologic Music Therapist at Heartland Music Therapy Services LLC

"I've not worked directly with the team but I have had the opportunity to witness their process and systematic functioning- how they approach a project and take projects forward. Hemant and his team do a fabulous job in project management , trainings and personality analysis and people motivation with their interesting stories and anecdotes on team building . Hope to work with them in future!."

Varsha Belani
Designer, Brand Aesthetics

“I have seen hemant as a musician engaging corporate groups to facilitating effectively corporate groups using his passion and drive. He is dedicated, ambitious and willing to do what it takes to make his dreams a reality. Armed with his keen sensibility and drive, Hemant is an excellent musician, facilitator and human being.”

Santhosh Babu
Managing Director, OD Alternatives Pvt. Ltd.

“We had a great experience to attend this workshop. We learned many things that can help us to keep growing in both professional and personal life. Thanks hemant ji to give us your precious time.”

Senior Manager, Cargo People Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

“Very insightful and interactive, presentations were interesting, good slides and videos that kept us all engaged. a real eye-opener for us all and found the workshop refreshing and motivating....thank you- Mr. Heman”

Senior Manager, Cargo People Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

“Hemant is a gifted and keen learner which makes him a wonderful teacher and trainer. I've seen him work wonders with large groups while using music to create motivation and alignment. He is very sincere and passionate about what he does and his non-threatening style of communication combined with his knowledge in the field of training and development creates a conducive atmosphere for impactful learning in the group. I have enjoyed working alongside him and look forward to more opportunities for the same.”

MAubrey Nazareth
MCLC (ACTP), Executive Coach

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